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Turn your SUV into an Electric Vehicle
We all love our SUV'S but don't wait for gas to go to $4.00 a gal.
  When you see your extra income going to fuel and you listen to the government's ideas for the future then you know that your chances for cheap fuel are nil to none. So now you can do somthing about it by converting one of your SUV's to 100% electric power
  Most people would like an electric SUV that can go 150 miles on a charge. But most drivers do not drive 150 miles a day it is more like 40 miles a day so you go to work 15 miles each way thats 30 miles now you have 10 miles to go to the store,bank,post office,mall then when you get home just plug it in.The charger is built into the SUV so any 110 v outlet will work.
Click here for how to build an EV
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  Take one of your other cars for longer trips over 40 miles.
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