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Detroit Gearless
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  The power of lockers isnít just for the big rigs. The serious traction provided by Eatonís Detroit Gearless Locker dramatically changes both the fun and function of any ATV. By eliminating individual wheel spin youíll be able to go new places and work on a greater range of driving surfaces. The Detroit Gearless Locker doesnít rely on internal gear teeth, so noise is almost non existent. Instead, the units locking power relies on high strength clutch discs energized by a Tunkenel-V Power Driver cross pin. Light Utility Vehicles (LUV) that haul loads on construction sites, golf courses and factory floors can also benefit from the smooth locking operation of the Detroit Gearless Locker. This durable and reliable locker increases traction performance on any surface including slippery mud, wet pavement, loose dirt and ice.
Detroit Gearless
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