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  Ferro-Carbon Pads
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Calipers are sold in SETS ONLY.
Left and right front equal one set.
Left and right rear equal one set.
This is to make sure that the friction is matched for each set.
All caliper sets come complete with brackets, hardware, with aimco disc pads or Hawk no dust carbon disc pads, and with five layer noise damper shims.

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  Ferro-Carbon Pads

National Brake Products HAWK brakes are a revolutionary new brake friction formulation that provides the quietest brakeing and no dust capabilities on the market, while delivering the performance and safety that customers expect from National Brake Products.

Some of the most common complaints about today's vehicles are brake noise, vibration, harshness and unsightly dust accumulation on a vehicles wheels. The O.E (Original Equipment) manufacturers solution is to equip late model cars with a new type of brake friction utilizing Ferro-Carbon materials. National Brake Products HAWK disc pads are made from an exclusive and innovative Ferro-Carbon formulation.

HAWK PAD line is neither semi-metallic nor NAO (Non Asbestos Organic), but a new friction blend made Ferro-Carbon compounds instead of iron fibers and steel powders, which are found in semi-metallic pads. These disc brake pads are 100% shimmed, slotted and chamfered to provide ultra quiet braking, low dusting, exceptional durability, resistance to fade and rapid recovery.

It took 10 years to develop the Ferro-Carbon formulation that is behind our HAWK disc brake pads. Our formulation went through rigorous fleet and vehicle testing to meet durability, stopping distance,no dust and noise requirements. The results are outstanding!

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  Aimco Pads O.E (Original Equipment)

Our Premium aimco Disc Pads are available for all vehicles, including SUV's and Heavy-Duty Trucks.

All of our pads come with five layer noise damper shims.

We also offer Premium Drums, Rotors, and Brake Shoes.

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